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What is Carpooling :- What is carpooling – this question might be coming in your mind too, we are going to answer this question in this article. When a passenger is going somewhere alone in his car and the other seat is vacant, then that passenger can make any passenger sit on that vacant seat, in return for which the passenger will have to pay money. In this way the money spent on that journey will be divided into two equal parts.

Is Carpooling illegal in India

Is Carpooling illegal in India

But since last few days, private car owner is collecting private vehicles and using them in this way because using them in this way can be a business for which he needs a permit by the government. Due to this, taxi drivers and other permitted vehicles are facing problems as they are not able to get rides. Due to which he has filed a complaint against this carpooling in the government department so that his problem can be resolved soon.

Is Carpooling illegal in India Latest News

On the complaint of vehicles with different permits, RTO has asked to take action against illegal drivers. Because they are recognized by the government and do not have any kind of license. Therefore, the state of Karnataka has imposed a ban on these tax drivers in Bengaluru. If any tax driver is found doing this in a private vehicle, then it will be considered a serious crime and a fine of up to ₹ 10000 can be imposed on him.

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